Types of window film

Window film installers and suppliers

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Solar Control Window Film

Solar heat gain through windows is dramatically reduced with the installation of solar control window film. It is commonly used as conservatory window film, reducing heat and glare.

Solar reflective window films are available for use on both conservatory glass and polycarbonate roofs. Solar control film is also used on office windows where it is particularly cost effective in reducing energy costs for air conditioning systems.

Decorative window film

Decorative window film for commercial buildings may incorporate a company logo or other forms of window film graphics. This can be either an opaque window film of frosted glass design or a window film which includes a colour logo.

Common uses include manifestation window film, drawing attention to glass panels, preventing people from walking in to them, and custom designed window films which may for example direct visitors towards the entrance to a building.

Privacy film

Privacy glass window film is used in both commercial and residential buildings. A frosted glass appearance is achieved by using an opaque window film offering full-time privacy. A daytime only privacy window film such as a one way reflective window film or a tinted window film may be more appropriate in some situations.