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Anti glare window film will cut out UV light and light rays. It is applied to windows in office, school and homes. It is an effective way to improve comfort and to reduce visibility issues. An anti glare coating is particularly effective at improving the visibility of computer monitor screens and images on TV screens.

Closing curtains or shutting blinds may block out intense sun rays, but a glare reduction window film coating allows light to still pass through the window, without blocking it out completely. Window film is an excellent solution in offices or classroom since curtains may not be an option.

How does glare reducing window film work?

By ensuring an even distribution of the rays of sunlight, installing glare reduction window film combats the problems and discomfort of strong sun rays through uncoated windows. The film coating also provides fade reduction for furnishings and artwork by cutting harmful infra-red and UV rays.

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What are the benefits of anti glare window film?

We are all familiar with the difficulty of watching television in strong sunlight. It can be hard to see the screen during low light sequences or with reflections on the screen. An anti glare coating combats this issue, while maintain a comfortable level of light in the room.

In schools and offices strong sunlight can present health and safety issues. Glare is commonly associated with eyestrain and migraines. It reduces productivity in the work environment and makes it difficult to remain focused, particularly during the summer months.

Additional health and safety benefits of having anti glare window film applied to your windows include the filtering of as much as 99% of the harmful UV rays which can damage skin as well as fabrics and curtains.

Anti glare window film can also help to improve privacy and reduce heat from the sun in a room. This in turn reduces running costs of air conditioning systems and improves energy efficiency. A light tinted film will improve the visibility of screens and monitors. A dark, reflective film could provide a mirrored privacy coating. Silver or bronze films are the most popular window films for this.

Cut glare in your home, office or classroom at an affordable price

How is the window film applied?

As with most other types of window film, it can be applied with by a professional installer or as a DIY window film project. It is quick to install, with little disruption to office workers or school pupils. Once installed it is easy to clean. The coating will provide many years of glare reduction benefits.